Protect What Matters Most

A permanently installed backup generator is fueled automatically, much like your furnace or other natural-gas powered appliances.  The generator is connected to your existing fuel supply to deliver clean, worry-free power.  If you’re home or away when the power goes out, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Starts and stop automatically – just like your Heating and Cooling system is controlled by a thermostat, a Honeywell generator is controlled by a transfer switch that senses when utility power fails, starting the generator automatically within seconds.  When utility power resumes, your Honeywell generator shuts itself down and automatically switches back to utility power.  It even “exercises” itself automatically once a week, starting and stopping to ensure it’s ready for the next power outage.

A Honeywell generator provides peace of mind and guards against the potential dangers that power outages can bring - loss of heating, cooling and security systems, hot water, kitchen appliances, lighting, freezing pipes or loss of medical equipment functionality.  Automatic backup power enables uninterrupted everyday life with continuous use of electronics devices.

New Mobil Link TM technology is the most advanced generator remote monitoring system and comes standard with Honeywell automatic backup generators.  Now you can track your generators’ performance anywhere, anytime, from your computer, tablet or smartphone.