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J&B Comfort Systems offers a wide range of Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning systems. We exclusively install quality equipment provided by the HVAC industry’s leading manufacturers.

Air Conditioning systems we install

Single Package AC Cooling

This complete, single-packaged AC system offers Cooling (and Heating) in specialized Residential and small Commercial applications. Designed for the outdoors, the single-package system offers outstanding durability and can yield a significant reduction in energy costs.

Split System AC Cooling

A high-performance Air Conditioning system with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings that will dramatically save energy during cooling. This system offers quiet operation and superior reliability.  Combine with an indoor furnace matched in SEER and size for a well-balanced, Cooling system.

Heat Pump Cooling Mode

Energy-efficient systems to keep you cool in the summer with high (SEER) Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings, lower energy consumption, quiet operation and exceptional Cooling comfort.

Ductless Split System Cooling

This ductless Air Conditioning system allows cool air to flow in spaces that are not conducive to traditional duct Air Conditioning. Included, are an indoor evaporator and blower unit with an outdoor condensing unit. Attractive compact design offers innovative air comfort.

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