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J&B Comfort Systems is pleased to be one of PA’s leading Geothermal Heat Pump Specialists. With the growing popularity of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems, it’s no wonder that more people who switch to Geothermal save energy, time and resources compared to other heat and cold air solutions.


We service, install and maintain Geothermal Heat Pumps by WaterFurnace, an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of Geothermal Cooling and Heating Systems. While similar to ordinary heat pumps, these highly efficient Systems use the earth as a natural heat source. This is achieved with earth loops, which are small PVC pipes placed underground for use in either a closed loop or open loop system.

While in heat mode, a “Closed Loop” system circulates a water-based solution through the pipes. The fluid then extracts heat from nearby elements and transfers the heat to your environment as warm air. An “Open Loop” system is similar, except with one distinction. It absorbs the natural well water as the transfer source. In Air Conditioning mode, both Systems use the same transferring technology to extract heat from the earth and transfer it to the ground.

A well must be present for both open and closed-loop applications. When a new well is required for installation, our certified well drillers can perform the work to the highest standard of ICSPA standards. We test the quality of your well water, assess the volume of water available, and then use this information to determine the best system for your work or living needs.

Though these types of Systems are more costly initially than traditional heat pumps, Geothermal Systems offer a number of considerable advantages, such as:

  • 3+ times greater efficiency than traditional heat pump systems

  • Tremendous savings on energy, fuel and utilities.

  • No visible structural equipment on home or building

  • Astoundingly quiet

  • Increased comfort

  • Exceptional reliability with a standard 10-year parts and labor warranty

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