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Heating Systems

Rest assured that your Residence or Commercial space will receive the very best Heating equipment the HVAC industry has to offer. J&B Comfort Systems exclusively installs quality products provided by today’s leading manufacturers.

Heating systems we install

Gas-Fired Boiler

Installing baseboard heat offers a blanket of warmth around the room walls by using either water from a boiler or electric resistance elements. These cast-iron, gas-fired water boilers – with their advanced design heat-exchanger – are available with standing pilot or intermittent ignition, depending on desired efficiency, and electronic flue dampers. Low profile boilers are ideal in low clearance applications.

Gas Furnace

The single, double or fully-modulating gas furnace provides a steady flow of warm air with efficiency ratings between 80 – 98%. Variable speed gas furnaces offer a blower motor that changes in speed, depending on the desired Heating requirement.

Heat Pump Heating or Cooling Mode

Energy-efficient systems do not burn fuel as a traditional furnace, but rather use refrigerant to move heat from one place to another. Benefits include high (SEER) Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings, lower energy consumption, quiet operation and exceptional Heating comfort.

Electric Furnace Installation

Primarily used when fossil fuel is not available, electric furnace installation is a clean choice for heating and provides comfortable, consistent warm air through electric heat. Either built into an air handler or added in the duct, electric furnaces are extremely reliable and quiet.

Single Package Heating Solutions

J&B Comfort Systems complete single-packaged systems offer both Heating and Cooling for specialized Residential and small Commercial applications. Designed for outdoor installation, these systems give you outstanding durability, while reducing energy costs.

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