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Monday, June 26th 2023

You control the temperature inside your home or office, but in order to make informed decisions about how to set the thermostat, you need to know what's happening outside!

Today's Weather

About the feels like temperature

Feels Like conveys how warm or cold it feels and can be different from the actual temperature. The Feels Like temperature is affected by humidity and wind.

Today's Weather Summary

Periods of rain with a chance of thunderstorms will continue all day.

Weather Advisory


Air Conditioning Recommendation

Set To: Cooling mode at your preferred settings, not below 68° for optimum operation.

Heating Recommendation

Set To: Off.

Today's UV Index

About The UV Index: The World Heath Organization's UV index (UVI) measures ultraviolet radiation. The higher the UVI, the greater the potential for damage, and the faster harm can occur. The UVI can help you decide when to protect yourself from the sun and when to avoid being outside. The WHO recommends using shade, sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing at levels of 3 (Moderate) or higher.

Today's Sun Schedule


Today, wind speeds are 1 to 10 mph, with gusts up to 25 mph.


Today's total precipitation will be .4".


Today, the average humidity is 82%. The dew point is 65° to 71°.


Today, the visibility will be perfectly clear, at 9 to 17 mi.


Today, the average pressure will be 29.72 inHg, and the lowest pressure will be 29.64 inHg.

Look Ahead

Today Is: national Chocolate Pudding Day

It was the lunch table trump snack. If you looked in your sack lunch and saw a Snack Pack, SwissMiss, or Jell-o brand chocolate pudding, you knew you had top currency. The lunch table and all its contents were your domain, and you could trade for anything you wanted. Not that you ever would, of course. Indulging yourself in a little chocolate pudding doesn’t have to be a nostalgic childhood memory a feel-good pastime. We’re pleased to tell you that June 26 is National Chocolate Pudding Day, when adults and kids alike can heap spoonful after spoonful of the stuff with abandon. If it’s pudding’s creaminess and smooth texture that make you melt, you may grimace at its origins as a sometimes-savory cakey dessert. In the 17th century, “pudding” was served after dinner, and included everything from grains to raw mutton fat. Definitely not the spoonable suaveness we know and love today. And while the origin of National Chocolate Pudding Day is a bit obscure, we can at least take comfort in knowing it arose after creamy pudding was invented in the mid-1800’s. We take our chocolate pudding without raw kidney fat, thank you.


Today's Horoscopes

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