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Thursday, October 27th 2022

You control the temperature inside your home or office, but in order to make informed decisions about how to set the thermostat, you need to know what's happening outside!

Today's Weather

About the feels like temperature

Feels Like conveys how warm or cold it feels and can be different from the actual temperature. The Feels Like temperature is affected by humidity and wind.

Today's Weather Summary

Clear conditions will continue all day.

Weather Advisory


Air Conditioning Recommendation

Set To: Off.

Heating Recommendation

Set To: Heating mode at your preferred settings.

Today's UV Index

About The UV Index: The World Heath Organization's UV index (UVI) measures ultraviolet radiation. The higher the UVI, the greater the potential for damage, and the faster harm can occur. The UVI can help you decide when to protect yourself from the sun and when to avoid being outside. The WHO recommends using shade, sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing at levels of 3 (Moderate) or higher.

Today's Sun Schedule


Today, wind speeds are 2 to 12 mph, with gusts up to 24 mph.


Today's total precipitation will be 0".


Today, the average humidity is 74%. The dew point is 38° to 54°.


Today, the visibility will be perfectly clear, at 15 to 23 mi.

Look Ahead

Today Is: national American Beer Day

National American Beer Day is observed by beer drinkers across the nation every year on October 27. Though Americans love a good pint of Guinness, a chilled Heineken, or a bubbling Corona, they’ll set aside imports of all kinds on National American Beer Day to instead celebrate distinctly domestic lagers and ales brewed across the country.

History of National American Beer Day

While the general history of beer places its beginnings as far back as approximately 7,000 years ago, the now-ubiquitous drink didn’t appear in the United States until the latter years of the 16th century. Virginian colonists, likely nostalgic for the alcoholic staple available in pubs everywhere back in England, looked to their corn crops as a possible source for libation creation. They began to brew the first-recorded American ales, and in the early years of the 17th century, the first brewery in the New World would appear in what was then called “New Amsterdam,” now known as “Manhattan.”

Sadly, neither this brewhouse nor the others that would spring up throughout the next hundred years or so are still in operation. However, the brewing company of D.G. Yuengling & Son would be the first to buck this trend. Founded in 1829 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Yuengling has been in operation for nearly 200 years! The company is as strong as ever, as well: in 2018, they placed at #1 in the Brewers Association’s list of the top 50 craft brewing companies in America.

Yuengling may be the longest-surviving brewery in America, but their competition has grown since their earliest days. As of 2019, there are over 7,000 breweries that produce beer in the United States; they range in size from industry giants like MillerCoors to smaller brew-pubs and microbreweries. Currently, California hosts the greatest number of craft breweries, with more than 750 independent breweries that can call the Golden State their home. Regardless of where they live, though, on National American Beer Day, people across the country will toast to their favorite American beers, possibly with a glass of it in hand.


Today's Horoscopes

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